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Miras Martinovic

Miraš Martinović, author, born in 1952 in the village of Kralje, in the vicinity of Andrijevica. Lives and works in Herceg Novi.

Books of poetry: Myth about the Cherry  (1974), Prayer to an Ant (1985), Circles in Sand (1991), Winter with Mandelstam (1994), Tabula Emerald  (1997), Whispering with Memory (2014), Voices from Stone (2015) Bow and Lyre (2015).

Novels: Heretic (1983), Aeschylus’ Last Day / (1995), Babylonian Sages (1998), Roads of Prevalis (1999), Revealing Agruvium (2000), Teuta (2003), Dreams of Doclea (2008), Invisible Chronicles (2010), Kings’  Speech (2011), Ancient Cities: Dreams and Destinies (2012) and Diocletian Bequeath (2012).

In November 2007 author Miraš Martinović donated to the Library the Legacy collection composed of 1,451 monographs, 298 units of different library materials, single and incomplete titles of serials and 8 units of other library materials. The first part of the Legacy Collection comprises of monographs among which the most numerous are titles published in the last decades of the 20th century: 649 titles published between 1990 and 1999, 439 titles between 1980 and 1989, 234 titles between 1950 and 1979, then 192 titles between 2000 and 2006. The Collection also contains 10 titles published between the two World Wars, mostly published by Geca Kon Publishing House of Beograd. The second part of the Legacy Collection comprises mainly of serials, though none of the 30 titles of periodicals is complete. We quote the annual files of the following magazines: Delo: monthly of Beograd - 16 annual files, Mostovi: magazine for translated literature of Beograd – 16 annual files, Latina et graeca of Zagreb – 22 annual files, Almanac of the  Maritime Museum of Kotor – 11 annual files.

The Legator, Miraš Martinović, dedicated his time, material means and collector’s effort to creating a collection of contemporary, current book, i.e. authorial creations and translations published in Serbo-Croat language region in the second half of the previous century. Considering it is contemporary literature, the library is already in possession of two titles in its holdings. Our readers will be able to use them, in accordance with our Regulations on use of materials prescribing which books from the professional holdings can be lent for use out of the official Library premises, provided the Library has more than one copy. The collection contains books in the domain of philosophy, psychology, theology, philology, education and history which through their number show the versatility of preoccupation and intellectual needs of the Legator. The most numerous are, understandably for a writer, creations of contemporary literature. There are numerous titles of poetry and prose, essays, literary critics, diarial-memoirist literature, in particular of those authors whose personality, destiny and work occupy the interest of the author M. Martinović. Remarkable place in the Collection is taken by selected literary creations, various genres of works of home and foreign literature, published in Yugoslavia in the second half of the previous century, within the well-known editions of publishing houses of high professional reputation. They are editions which, due to their systematically selected contents, good design, tasteful covers and selection of important works of permanent value, acquired reader’s trust and have become symbols of good book. Those are the famous editions of publishing houses: Srpska književna zadruga /The Serbian Literary Cooperative/, Prosveta, Nolit, Rad, BIGZ, which marked that time and enabled generations to experience the pleasure of reading and get acquainted with the best works of home and world literary creations.

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